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Childbirth Classes

Classes cover: the changes to expect for you and baby the final weeks of your pregnancy; what signs you should look for and when to come to the hospital; the typical processes and progression during labor; complications that my arise; ways to manage and cope throughout the entire labor experience; breastfeeding; and the immediate postpartum period. 


I typically recommend having completed the class by 36 weeks gestation.


There is a $50 deposit required to reserve a spot for the class.                                                                                  

Virtual Weekend Intensive Class


Weekend Intensive Class is a one day class that lasts approximately 4 hours.  Weekend classes are currently being offered one Weekend day a month.  

Please see the calendar for the next available class.

Price: $300

Private Classes (Virtual or In-Person)


If you prefer to learn about the childbirth experience with the instructor's undivided attention or if the scheduled classes do not work with your schedule, it is possible to schedule a private class.


Please contact for more information or to schedule your own private class. 



Price: $350 virtual/$400 in-person

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